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Hooked on Bass was founded in 2012 and since has expanded into a range of specialist Fishing Tackle, Sunglass and outdoor brands. We now focus our efforts in ensuring the availability of top quality professional fishing equipment and brands to the serious angler in South Africa and Africa.

As many already know, Angling has progressed and developed drastically over the last couple of years allowing great forward development in the equipment, we are excited to add to the professional range of equipment and brands to ensure more professional and productive results to all anglers in Southern Africa.

We are proud to have partnered with The Bank Angler and SA Bass in marketing our products. We have screen several programs in the area of Feeder, Barbel and even Match fishing in order to promote and grow these exciting and professional disciplines of Angling.

These programs were screened on Channel 153 / Wild TV Africa available on the Open View Digital Satellite which is available at no monthly charge. This program was launched in mid Spring 2015. This broadcasts and other video clips is available on our You Tube channel, and on the ASFN You Tube channel.



About our Brands


American Brands

Steven visited America and the following brands was introduced to him.


Browning Eyewear & Accessories

Steven Gebhardt met with Lance Walker from AES at Pickwick Lake Tennessee where Steven fished big bass with Lance and where he learnt a lot from fishing deep water with underwater islands.

The biggest secret was to have good eyewear. Steven was introduced to the company AES. AES began in 1998, with a vision to create diverse eyewear and accessories for a reasonable cost. The founder of AES owned several large sunglass and optical retail locations, but noticed a lack of availability of licensed products. After introducing limited collegiate eyewear and accessories into the market, AES has expanded over the past 15 years to be much more than just eyewear. Today, AES has licenses with over 70 major universities, Browning, Drake, Mossy Oak, and Realtree. AES has over 2,000 high school logos for products done specifically for schools.


In 2010, AES expanded into the Performance Eyewear Market with its Browning Sunglass. These came after several years of working with professional anglers, such as Joe Thomas and Jimmy Mason, and other outdoorsmen to develop one of the highest levels of polarized sunglass available. They focused not only on frame quality and lens material, but also on the particular tints of these sunglasses to ensure maximum protection and visibility in all lighting conditions.

Their desire was to offer the highest quality sun- glass for a fraction of the cost of other name brands.


In 2016 Stacie Walker the wife of Lance created a new camo design, and the product Pryme 1 camo was launched. We are very pleased to introduce the new range to the South African market.


Muddy Water

This product was introduced to Steven, and this open a whole new field on camo clothing that is waterproof, and durable for today’s angler. The color is ideal for camouflaging next to our South Africa dams, especially where there is a lot of biesies and riet. You also do have the option to line the clothing with fleece for the winter months. This will be great for our specimen and carp angler.


Vicious Fishing Line

The ultimate in BASS fishing line. From Fluorocarbon to Braid. Any strength and meters.



The best in bass lure technology, from crankbaits, swim baits and plastics, this include the world known brands like; Castaic, Boyed Ducked Series, Back stabber, Musky Armor, Reaction Strike and Buldawg Rods.






ZEBCO Europe

Steven visited Europe and met with ZEBCO Europe in Germany. The following licensed brands was introduced to him to market in South Africa.


Browning Fishing

Browning fishing, this is the perfect angling equipment and accessories for champion anglers in fishing, of the present and future, here he put his trust in the experience of a global brand whose equipment is synonymous with quality and winning championships. This is also addressing the need for different types of fishing like: Pole Fishing, Match Fishing, Feeder Fishing and all accessories needed.


Black Cat

Black Cat Fishing that is an extreme adventure that calls for extraordinary equipment for catfish (Barbell) fishing. This equipment delivers everything you could wish for in this hardcore pursuit and has been tested against the toughest opponents swimming in Europe’s rivers, and now the South African waters. Steven has tested this in the EBRO river in Spain where he also caught his personal best a Walsh catfish of 85kg.



Rhino Fishing is for the serious angler who is not a freight to take on the big monsters in our coastline on a kayak and jet ski for trolling etc. This could open doors to a brand new way of fishing, and an adrenalin rush, like not yet experienced.



This product was introduced to Steven, and this open a whole new field on Specimen Fishing. This is quality carp tackle for monster specimen. High quality rods and reels, tried and tested accessories, irresistible baits – all combined with a cool image, Radical is the epitomy of modern carp sport par excellence.




Hooked on Bass Pty Ltd will sell these products in the Africa market and is always seeking new licensing to add to their products. Their goal is to offer the best-licensed products available to the South African market, and therefore their slogan’’ TAKING FISHING TO A NEW LEVEL”.


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